December, 2018


SAMAC Engineering Solutions has achieved a significant Milestone in the company’s history. On the 29 November 2018 at the SAB Kickstart Awards, SAMAC was awarded the most innovative company. This acknowledgment by the biggest Beer maker in the world AB InBev which owns SAB marks a significant stride for SAMAC in its quest to become one of Africa’s innovative product developers.

SAB acknowledge the significant strides that SAMAC has made in developing Green air conditioning products and the development of a custom-made product for SAB. SAMAC looks forward to partnering with SAB and the AB InBev group promoting and implementing sustainable solutions and creating jobs. 

International Trade Business & Exhibitions

International Trade Business & Exhibitions

21 June, 2018 SAMAC Trade Exhibitions ASHREA ACREX IntroductionSAMAC Engineering Solutions is in a quest to extend its boundaries beyond the scope of the South African confines. This endeavour is propelled by SAMAC’s mission to meet its clients’ needs and anticipate...